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Map updated on November 1, 2022.
Next update: March, 2023.
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(September 28, 2022)
Attention: due to forest fires
The vigilance to prevent forest fires in the departments of Les Landes and Gironde has been lowered to code 'yellow'. This means, among others, that restrictive measures regarding sporting activities (and therefore pilgrimages) have been lifted.
The Vézelay Route crosses 
- Gironde: from Sainte-Foy-la-Grande to Captieux. 
- Les Landes: from Captieux to Sault de Navailles.

(July 7, 2022)
Please note: due to the reception of Ukrainian refugees, some municipal hostels are closed to pilgrims.

On the left you will find the Vézelay Route (blue line; two green lines indicate variants) and the facilities along that route (blue circles). By zooming in on the map you will find accommodation (maroon and red symbols), train stations (green) and other facilities (blue).


  • the maroon symbols refer to pilgrim hostels (by Confraternities of Saint James, municipalities, religious institutions and private persons) and home hospitality.
  • the red symbols refer to general accommodation (B&B, hotels, campsites, etc.).

You will find more information about, for example, an accommodation if you click on the corresponding symbol. Please report any errors via the 'feedback' option.

The blue symbols with an ‘i’ indicate: the Tourist Offices, the Pilgrim Offices and the monuments which in 1998, within the framework of the ‘Routes of Santiago de Compostela in France', have been designated as World Heritage (UNESCO).

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Guides (PDF)

  • Vézelay Route 'Via Lemovicensis', edition January 2020 (PDF) (updated March 7, 2022), by: Dutch Association of Saint James. This guide covers the main branches, via Nevers and via Bourges, and the variants via Sancoins and Bergerac.
  • Facilities (PDF) (updated October 7, 2022), by: Dutch Association of Saint James. This overview of facilities along the Vézelay Route is linked to the guide above.
  • Vézelay Route (background information) (PDF) (March 2019), by: Arno Cuppen. Article published in the eBulletin of the Confraternity of Saint James (London). 

Guidebooks (in French):

Gidsen Pelgrimsweg Vézelay
Guides to the Vézelay Route
Voie de Vézelay
Vézelay Route

Budget your journey

With the 'calculator' below you can estimate how many days you will be on the road to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port or Santiago de Compostela, and how much your journey will cost.

The budget consists of:
- the overnight stay: pilgrim accommodation, camp sites or general accommodation (B&B, hotels, etc.),
- the meals: prepare yourself, (pilgrim) menu or ‘à la carte’.
In the calculator we propose 3 options: budget 'small', 'average' and 'large'. An extra option is to make the trip completely independent, wild camping (if that is allowed) and preparing all meals yourself.

Go to the calculator by clicking on this symbol:

budget your journey

distance (km)dayscosts (€)
journey through France000
journey through Spain000
excluding: travel there (> starting place) and back, travel insurance/documents, equipment, extras (souvenirs, etc), unforeseen.
journey through France
If you leave home on foot, enter the distance to Vézelay here. If you live along the Vézelay Route, enter the remaining walking distance to Saint-Jean-PdP here. (Then you don't use the section below.)
The variant from Périgueux via Bergerac to Sainte-Foy-la-Grande is 6 km longer than the main route, via Mussidan.
An often heard, average stage is: 20-25 kilometers a day, but there are pilgrims who walk much more or much less.
Average costs per day: budget ‘small’ (pilgrim accommodation & campsites, preparing your own meals): € 15-25; budget ‘average’ (ditto, including evening meal & breakfast): € 30-40; budget ‘large’ (general accommodation, including meals): € 60+
journey through Spain
An often heard, average stage is: 20-25 kilometers a day, but there are pilgrims who walk much more or much less.
Average costs per day: € 25-30, based on the ‘average’ budget (see opposite). This means: spending the night in "albergues" (pilgrim hostels) and once a day a "menù del peregrino" (pilgrim menu).

Tip: you can estimate the travel costs to your point of departure and back home via and blablacar.

To Vézelay

Vézelay is an important junction: pilgrim roads from Paris, the Netherlands and Belgium, Germany and Switzerland come together here. Unfortunately there are no guides in English. (For guides in other languages see the French, German and Dutch pages of this portal).

If you travel by train or bus to Vézelay: travel information (including the walk from the Sermizelles-Vézelay railway station to Vézelay).

To go on foot from the Auxerre or Avallon railway stations to Vézelay: at the moment the directions are in French only. (See at the bottom of this page.)

Arriver à Vézelay (source: Yonne Compostelle)
Arrival in Vézelay (source: Yonne Compostelle)