Pilgrims on the Vézelay Route

Pilgrims on the Vézelay Route

Vézelay Route

According to the Codex Calixtinus, pilgrims should at least visit these three saints on their journey to Santiago: Mary Magdalene (Vézelay), Leonardus (of Noblat) and Frontus (Périgueux). 
The Codex also refers to Leonard as: ‘Sanctum Leonardum Lemovicensem’ (Saint Leonard of Limousin). Hence the Latin name of this pilgrim route: Via Lemovicensis.

The route covers a wide variety of landscape and passes many historical sites and monuments..
In December 1998, the Vézelay Route was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of the pilgrim routes through France to Santiago de Compostela.

The Vézelay Route is a relatively quiet route, with simple but sufficient facilities, small-scale accommodation (hostels managed by Confraternities of Saint James, municipalities, religious institutions and private persons), and home hospitality ('by pilgrims for pilgrims').

Codex Calixtinus (12th century)


The Vézelay Route (in French: "Voie de Vézelay") is approximately 900 km long. 

From Vézelay there are two main variants: via Nevers and via Bourges. These come together after almost 300 km in the village of Gargilesse.

 Both possibilities offer wonderful opportunities to rub shoulders with a calm and peaceful nature while browsing through both options a remarkable cultural heritage.

Others variants:

  • from Nevers there is an abbreviation via Augy-sur-Aubois to Ainay-le-Château (see map: 1),
  • from Périgueux there is a variant via Bergerac to Sainte-Foy-la-Grande (see map: 3).
Vézelay Route


Since 2011, there are new agreements about the marking of pilgrim routes through France, by a yellow shell on a blue background and by a double marking in the same colors. (The shell does not indicate any direction; the 'point' must always be on the left). All 'old' markings have been or will gradually be replaced.

Please note: the Gironde department (part 4 on the map) uses its own system. There the yellow shell on blue background is used in combination with other markings.

In larger cities along the way you will find an additional marking, in the form of bronze shells, on the sidewalk or road surface.


More Information

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  • the website of the Confraternity of Saint James UK. In March 2019 an article (PDF) about the Vézelay Route was published in the eBulletin 145 of the Confraternity,
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Cathedral Saint-Front, Périgueux